Range of Markets

Clients can trade the major currencies 24 hours a day, with over 300 instruments available. We also offer an extensive range of cross currency combinations across all majors, with highly competitive spreads. Trade multiple product types including Spot FX, indices shares commodities bullions.

Spot FX

OFB customers are offered competitive prices on the world's major currency pairs with bid-ask spreads normally only available to the inter-bank Spot market. OFB offers margin rates as low as 1% and available trade sizes as low as USD10,000 (or equivalent) and as high as USD1 Billion. All clients are offered the most professional service irrespective of trade size or frequency of trading.

Product Symbol Standard Forex Spreads
Euro/US Dollar EUR/USD 1.5
US Dollar/Yen USD/JPY 1.5
US Dollar/Swiss Franc USD/CHF 2.5
British Pnd/USD Dollar GBP/USD 2.0
Euro/Yen EUR/JPY 2
Euro/British Pound EUR/GBP 2
Euro/Swiss Franc EUR/CHF 3
British Pound/Yen GBP/JPY 4
British Pnd/Swiss Franc GBP/CHF 9
Swiss Franc/Yen CHF/JPY 3.3
Australian/US Dollar AUD/USD 1.5
Australian Dollar/Yen AUD/JPY 4
US Dollar/Cdn Dollar USD/CAD 4
New Zealand Dlr/USD NZD/USD 3
USD/S.African Rand USD/ZAR 100
USD/Norwegian Krone USD/NOK 35
Euro/Norwegian Krone EUR/NOK 40
Euro/Swedish Kroner EUR/SEK 47
USD/Swedish Kroner USD/SEK 30
Euro/Canadian Dollar EUR/CAD 7.1
Euro/Australian Dollar EUR/AUD 11
British Pound/Australian Dl GBP/AUD 17
USD/Mexican Peso USD/MXN 100

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