Market Terminology

DAX 30 Index

The index of the biggest 30 companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany. The DAX is a 'total return' index in that it measures the returns from dividends as well as share price performance.

Day Order

The order placed will be active, i.e. pending, until the end of the day, or until it has been executed.


That part of a company's profit after tax which is distributed to shareholders - usually expressed as a percentage. When trading CFD's if you are long you will be credited 100% of the dividend. If short, 90% of the dividend will be debited from your account.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

'The Dow' is the oldest stock market index in the US, measuring the performance of a representative selection of 30 blue-chip companies. The 30 companies are selected by Dow Jones & Co and the Wall Street Journal.