Partner with Us

Client Referral Affiliate (CRA)

Under this program individuals can introduce clients to OFB. You will receive payout based on the business generated by your client. You will be provided with a dedicated Relationship Officer for your assistance.

Dealing Office

Dealing Office Full partner service package including training, 24-hour service personnel. Even if a client executes a trade in wee hours of the morning, our personnel provide help with value added services.

Back Office

Back Office OFB provides Introducing Brokers with extensive back office services, including customer statements available in real time and IB fee reporting, which allows the IB to easily calculate his/her clients' monthly trading volume and profit/loss subject to authorization by the client.

Full Product Range

Extensive product range: Forex, share CFDs and stock index CFDs. Over 2000 Financial Instruments in one platform. The saying goes do not put all the eggs in one basket. This provides with good diversifying opportunities.

Trading Platform

IBs can trade for multiple accounts on behalf of their clients again subject to authorization by the client.

Your Contribution

  • Service and act as the first point of contact for clients
  • Assist clients in opening their accounts
  • Introduce clients to the OFB & its principals trading system

Channel Partners

The Channel Partner (CP) program gives traders, marketing freelancers, financial consultants, and brokerage firms the ability to receive compensation and exciting packages. This program allows you to access your client's accounts and statements for 24 hours if you provide Power of Attorney. Channel Partners will have a dedicated Relationship Officer as first contact.

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