24 Hour Trading

OFB offers its clients a fast and efficient service in Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals CFD's, Commodities, Stocks, Shares and Treasuries 24 hours a day via Internet. Corporate customers, medium sized banks, investment managers and individuals who wish to participate in the Foreign Exchange market normally do so through their banks and are usually referred to a sales desk. As the customer is not in direct contact with the bank's dealers, prices quoted are usually not so competitive and vital time is likely to be lost in execution.

Our internet based service provides direct access to market prices. Clients therefore, can obtain competitive prices and execute deals directly and quickly.

Dealing Office is open for 24 hours, even if a client executes a trade in wee hours of the morning; our personnel provide help with value added services.

Back Office provides clients with extensive services, including customer statements available in real time reporting, allows the clients to easily calculate monthly trading volume and profit/loss.

Online Trading

Internet dealing service is a Price Driven Service (PDS). Being a PDS means that tradable dealing prices (not information prices) are directly available to clients in real-time. Therefore, the prices that are appearing on the PC screens of customers are the prices they can directly trade on. Being this close to the market allows customers to send an order AND receive a trade confirmation within seconds.

In addition customer will be able to trade thousands of financial instruments from a single margined account - Spot Forex, Share/ Stock Index CFDs, Commodities and Treasuries.

24 hours customer support

OFB Provides to its valuable customer 24 Hours 5 Days a week support .we have well trained and experienced customer support team who are always ready to help our customers in efficient manner and respond to their requirements as fast as possible.

Market reports

OFB provides daily market review & technical analysis recommendations by third party resources on major currencies, precious metals, commodities and indices to support our client in their trading activities.

SMS Service

To remain informed of all the important & Market moving news, we provide SMS service for our premium clients.