Software Preview

Our Principle's Trading Software is most advanced, flexible and comprehensive trading platform. This demo will give you all the functionality of the live trading software.


Real Time Prices

Trading platform gives you 24 hour access to real-time tradable prices on thousands of global products including UK, US, European and Pacific rim, Shares, Indices, Commodities and Treasuries. There is also a choice of order types including Stops, Limits, OCOs and If Done that can all be placed online.

Fast Execution

Trading platform provides fast and reliable access to even the most volatile markets. Our dealing tickets include a One-Click dealing function which means by establishing a series of defaults your trades can be executed in just One-Click.

Real Time Position Keeping

Real-time position updates help you track your portfolio, allowing you to instantly see account equity, view open, pending or closed orders and check available margin.

Customizable Platform

Because trading platform provided by our principal's is fully customizable you can create an unlimited number of screens, displaying all of the information you need to make those crucial trading decisions. Not only can you view the prices of selected instruments, you can also display real-time news, charts and position keeping, all on one screen. The unique pop out window enables you to see crucial trading information whilst browsing the net or viewing other applications.

Professional Real Time Charting

To complement the trading capabilities of the software platform, our principal's have introduced a new integrated real-time charting package. This new charting tool includes 42 different indicators and overlays, the ability to create your own indicators, a range of new charting styles including Points, Mountain and Market Highs, Lows and Open information. The new charting solution in conjunction with IT-Finance, Europe's leading provider of real-time interactive technical analysis.


Expert fundamental market analysis by Reuters is the premier source of quality financial and business intelligence information, and is available free on the trading software.

Mobile Trading

Smartphone app gives you access to real-time price updates for hundreds of markets, real-time account valuations and, of course, the ability to trade while on the move. You can keep up with the markets and manage your positions wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

  • Fund via the app; either using existing or new card details.
  • Switch between accounts in just a few clicks.
  • View your account summary, including; Account Valuation, Trading Resources and Profit/Loss.
  • Open and close trades, place and adjust Stops/Limits.
  • Create watch lists, view charts and much more.

Web Trading

Web-based trading platform allows you to login and access your trading account from any internet enabled computer, without needing to install or download any software. Feel at ease, as you can log on securely, view your accounts and have access to all the essential tools that are featured on our downloadable platform.

  • Compatible with both Apple Mac and PC
  • Advanced charting package as standard; no additional fees required.
  • Place stop loss and limit orders directly from charts.
  • Fixed and customizable layouts, pop-out windows and multi-monitor capability.